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my over-thinking mind; God keeps me calm. -K

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thanks miss, done. -K

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why, thank you miss. i think my parents are beautiful. -K

it’s unreal the beauty He creates.

it’s unreal the beauty He creates.

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anytime i feel myself getting jealous about another person’s accomplishment, i say, “self, why are you getting jealous?” self doesn’t know why, therefore, i expose that jealousy with a genuine good thought/compliment about the person. then, i realize i only have good thoughts to begin with, and my jealousy arises when ego or comparison becomes involved. i believe it’s a habitual defense mechanism we’ve created to protect our egos from ourselves. we take a person and create these vast compare and contrast list, only revealing our own covert insecurities. now, to protect our bare ego, we diminish our competition in the comfort of our jealousy, proving only how much work we could use. simply, it’s easy to be jealous; almost instinctive for humans. expose your ego and expose your insecurities.  the sooner you truthfully appreciate yourself, the sooner you’ll be able to appreciate someone for who they are. it’s the little things like this that keep us evolving as humans. we’re not perfect, but we are in control. -K

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